All About The Bentley S2


The first ever Bentley was created in 1959. Famous coachbuilders gathered and organized a brand new look for the car. These coachbuilders were James Young, H. J. Mulliner, Hooper and Park Ward. Thus, the name Bentley S2 Mulliner Park Ward S2 Cabriolet was formed. Controversies arose as the vehicle became famous due to the fact that it had nearly the same appearance as the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II. Despite the controversies, the company successfully defended their vehicle design and continued to manufacture it

The build of this car was exceptional back in its time. It was considered as one of the finest luxury cars in the early 60s because of its appearance. Before, cars were shaped like boxes and had the traditional four-corner look, the bulky bumpers and were really quite square. This is why the new design of the Bentley S2 really got car fanatics so excited. This lavish car had rounded headlights, a shiny silver bumper, an attractive emblem placed in the middle of the hood and a convertible ceiling. It had an ample amount of space for four passengers and a pretty leather interior for comfort and style. When wealthy people were attending big events such as parties and conventions, these cars really stood out. This is why these cars became a symbol of affluence and power.

As for the car’s internal section, the engine used to run this exquisite car was the V8 engine. This engine was said to improve the overall performance of Bentley motors. It was paired with servo-assisted drum brakes for full stopping control. Semi-elliptic springs and coil springs were also used for gearing up the car’s front and rear suspension.

These are just some of the fun facts you should know about the classic Bentley S2. As you can see this car is truly deserving of its classic moniker. Today when people think of a Bentley, they think of both class and lavish style. This of course was what the original designers had hoped and dreamed of way back in 1959.