Audi – Your Dream Car


We usually come across many automobile devotees in our daily life. The automobile is another subject of passion for many of us, whereas it is a hobby for many to collect classic and new vehicles. Audi is yet another automobile manufacturing company rated as best. Audi is a German brand that manufactures a range of automobiles with different shapes, characteristics, and distinguishing features. They produce a variety of vehicles from mini SUVs.

Not many know of the fact that Audi is a subsidiary brand under Volkswagen Group. The company’s headquarters are in Ingolstadt, Germany; whereas, it serves worldwide with manufacturing plants located in India, China, Belgium, Hungary, and Brazil.

The history of Audi is older than the history of Bentley that we often get to hear. The first Audi type B was produced in 1910. Audi presents an immense history of production and unions with many manufacturing companies over the years in the past century. However, today the largest shareholder of Audi AG is Volkswagen AG with 99 percent of shares in its possession.

Today Audi produces 11 different products with a variety of range within them. From Cars to sports cars and SUVs, Audi aims to satisfy the maximum buff population. Other than just manufacturing marvelous machines Audi also contributes to the entertainment industry to amuse its customers with something extra and more than just what they possess. Audi Company launched its Audi TV Channel in 2005. It’s a digital satellite television that is receivable through satellite antennas in the UK and Ireland and is viewable for worldwide viewers on the internet. The Audi TV channel includes Information on different Audi Cars, user guides, testimonials and interviews from different celebrities, historic features, in-depth product profile, new launches and sporting events coverage. This doesn’t end here; Audi has also designed special Audi apps for its enthusiastic customers and devotees who use iPhones, iPads and/or Android Smartphone.

Audi believes in complete user satisfaction and premium delivery. The Audi AG Company has its own magazine in digital and printed form. The magazine is published with exciting contents on sports, lifestyles, and automobile.

It is amazing how an automobile company penetrates itself in its potential market through different modes. The amazing vehicles themselves speak while on roads that they are the best, but the companies profile including a magazine, a TV channel and apps proves it to be customer specific too. No wonder how few companies are in love with their customers because they just love presenting their devotees with different items and props about the same things they always want around them.