Enjoying The BMW X5


For nearly 90 years, the BMW brand has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Since opening its doors in 1913, in Munich, Germany, BMW has made a commitment to producing high-quality, superior products and the public has come to rely upon this commitment. Every year, BMW customers demonstrate their loyalty by purchasing vehicles of every conceivable BMW model. The BMW X5 – one of the more popular models – has successfully and effectively upheld the reputation of the BMW brand and attracted a loyal following of satisfied customers.

The BMW X5 is BMW’s answer to the SUV – a mid-sized vehicle that has been on the market since the year 2000. This luxury SUV offered customers all-wheel drive and a choice between straight-6 or a V-8 engine. BMW acquired Rover – a British automobile manufacturer and producer of the Range Rover – in 1994. This takeover allowed BMW to get a close look at the Range Rover model and incorporate some of its outstanding features into the BMW X5.

The BMW X5, however, in contrast to the Range Rover, is not meant for off-road activity. Rather, it is modeled much as a luxury sedan and is meant for high-quality on-road performance.

In 2004, the BMW X5 was treated to a makeover at which time it received four-wheel-drive known as x-Drive, an upgrade of the engine, additional exterior colors, and redesigned headlights.

Today’s BMW X5 is considerably bigger than its original design and includes a redesigned luxury interior, trailer stabilization control, adaptive headlights, and soft-boot close features in the trunk. Of course, it has also been outfitted to include the modern advancements of this new world of technology – including Bluetooth capabilities, Active Steering, and reverse camera.

The BMW X5 has simply validated what has been true of the BMW brand for the past ninety years; quality matters. Customers with a budget to support a luxury vehicle will surely continue to flock to the BMW brand for generations to come.