Land Rover

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Review


For the first time ever, Range Rover decided to add a second car to its line-up. With the company’s reputation at stake, the Range Rover Sport had to be good. If fact it had to be better than good, it had to be incredible. The good news is, it is.

The Range Rover Sport is a smaller squatter version of its big brother, the Range Rover, with its meaner more aggressive styling and big wheels hiding nothing of its intention. The interior on the other hand is an opulent paradise for driver and all passengers, as you would expect. With the same seating position as the bigger Range Rover, you are able to look down on other traffic and really feel like you own the road.

There are loads of switches and gadgets to play with as standard, but leather upholstery is not standard on the entry level ‘S’ model, so you will have to opt for that as a cost extra (especially if you ever intend to sell it). Apart from that, all models come with all the equipment you could ask for and more.

There are four engines available. Starting with the slightly more eco friendly 188bhp 2.7- and 268bhp 3.6-litre turbodiesels, but if you want performance that really lives up to the ‘Sport’ badge then you have to choose either of the 295bhp 4.4-litre V8 or 4.2-litre V8 supercharged 385bhp petrol engines.

Regardless of which engine you opt for, the Range Rover Sport won’t disappoint. Based on an upgraded Discovery platform it has been designed to handle like a smaller car whilst retaining the comfort and off road capabilities you would expect from a Range Rover.