Lexus LS 460: Good Car, Good Sounds


There are characteristics that vehicles do have. Take the Lexus brand of the Toyota Motor Corporation. All Lexus vehicles have this distinct quality that is simply Lexus. Just by listening to it, you would know that it is a Lexus vehicle.

When you close a door of any Lexus vehicle, you will notice the solid thunk of the door. And there would be no such rattle of the Lexus auto parts against other metals – this you could hear on some vehicles. Aside from this, you would also notice that when you turn on the engine, it is refined and you will not hear any clunking sounds that are common in other vehicles.

And to add to the list, Lexus has also made sure that sound quality of the vehicle’s audio system is not going to be left behind. Just take the newest Lexus LS 460. The company has had Mark Levinson on the audio system for this vehicle. And just so you know, Mark Levinson is a popular expert in hi-fi not only in the United States but in the whole world. And Lexus has been in a partnership with Levinson since 1998.

As per the newest Lexus LS 460, the company has asked and commissioned Levinson to add in a premium audio system that was modified and tailored specially for the vehicle. This new equipment also holds nineteen speakers for a better quality of sound and a much enjoyable ride for the passengers.

The Lexus LS 460 is the flagship of the brand and it has been created as a full sized luxury car. It has been in production since 1989 and it has found worthwhile competition with vehicles like the Acura RL, Cadillac DTS, Lincoln Town Car, Mercedes Benz S Class, Infiniti Q45, and the BMW 7 series.

And because the Lexus LS 460 is remarkably quiet inside, the new premium sound audio system would be further emphasized. The whole system includes an amplifier capable of working with fifteen channels. The speaker system works on 450 watts. And what is best is that these components of the whole audio system has been made specially for the Lexus LS 460 that you would not need take away or reduce any part of your vehicle for it to fit.