The Jaguar XK120


Some women complain about the fact that their guys pay more attention to their cars than to them. Women would be even more worried if their guys owned a Jaguar XK120, as this is a timeless classic that every man would love to have. What is the Jaguar XK120 all about?

The XK120 was first introduced at the London Motor Trade Show in 1948. It was actually the company’s first post war car, succeeding the Jaguar SS100, which has now ceased in production. The XK120 model was indeed the first of its kind, featuring elegant curves, and a marvellous chassis and could run at astounding speeds. It was the fastest car at the time of its launch aside from the V12 Ferrari, but the Jaguar model’s price was only around the price of the regular Ferrari.

One surprising fact to note is that the Jaguar was only designed as a test and to merely show off the XK engine, however the car was a huge hit. It caused quite a sensation that the company was soon flooded with orders and they wasted no time in putting the vehicle into full production.

The classic car was created by Sir William Lyons. The car is capable of running 120 mph, accelerating to its top speed in a matter of 10 seconds due to its powerful engine. The car was extremely popular on the racetrack, and since its production the car has set several world records in racing. The car has also been driven by racing legends like Ian Appleyard and Stirling Moss. Off track, the classic beauty has also been seen driven by many famous Hollywood celebrities, seasoned and new, from Clark Gable to Reese Witherspoon.

The XK120 comes in two available versions: the roadster, an open two-seater, which is popular in rallies and races. Another is the closed, fixed head coupe, which offers a sleek design, beautiful interiors and wood features, obviously not intended for racing at all.

Every man has dreamed of owning this legendary car. What’s not to love? It’s sleek, it’s timeless, and it’s fast.