Used Lexus – Buying a Lexus RX


Owning and driving my used Lexus RX is as much of a pleasure now as it was when I first bought it four years ago. With a fairly big family we need a car that is comfortable enough for long journeys together with enough power to give a good driving experience for me up front. The Lexus RX ticks those boxes and it’s impressively powerful, more so than I expected for a car of this size. Overtaking is no problem even with the car full of people. During the recent snowy cold snap the Lexus really came into its own, and we wouldn’t have been able to carry on life as normal without it lately.

Performance aside there’s plenty more to like about the Lexus RX. It’s exceptionally refined on the road meaning the ride is comfortable even on the longest trips. The leather interior lends a touch of class, and the seats are supportive and cosy. The kids have loads of room in the back of the car and as a result we adults have a pretty peaceful time of it! There’s loads of legroom so we’re growing into the Lexus together.

Another great bonus for us is the spacious boot. It seems each member of the family competes for the most hobbies, so at any given time the boot is a mish mash of cricket kit, fishing equipment and more. The boot’s wide opening gives good easy access, too, which is great when you’re stowing or removing heavy loads.

All in all I’d give the Lexus RX full marks for being a good family 4×4. Whether your journeys are mainly on the motorway or more challenging routes, the Used Lexus RX is more than up to the job. Excellent performance and comfort combine with good looks and great practicality.