What Makes A Lexus RX 450h Unique?


When we talk about unique luxury cars, Lexus is the first name that hits our mind. With the increasing popularity of hybrid cars, due to their remarkable performance, more and more car manufacturing companies are coming up with their uniquely designed hybrid models.

The Japanese auto maker, Lexus, unveiled the hybrid version of its latest RX model. Lexus RX 450h is a benchmark for hybrid cars, with its unique features and matchless performance.

The RX Hybrid comes with a dual engine system. One is a gasoline engine, powered by fuel and two others are electric engines; one is for the rear wheels and the other one is for the front wheels. This unique combination is known as the Lexus Hybrid Drive. Under normal conditions, the front electric engine and the gasoline engine are used. When the car is driven at a slow speed, it runs entirely on electricity. In this way, it provides an eco-friendly drive, along with a better fuel economy. It uses a variable transmission system, which makes the car run more efficiently. The earlier model of this car, the RX 400h, lacked these highly sophisticated features.

The Lexus RX 450h is a perfectly designed family car. It has other remarkable features such as an air bag system, consisting of 10 air bags as well as an anti-locking door system. This unique bunch of features makes it a popular car with great market demand.

This car also features a pre-collision system, which uses the radar technology for detecting probability of impact, and makes the air bag system and the breaking system ready to ensure the safety of its passengers. This unique element is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this family car.

Another great feature of the Lexus RX 450h is the introduction of touch remote technology, which comes with a small device that controls the entertainment, climate and navigation features of the vehicle.

The new Lexus RX 450h comes with the best set of luxury features, such as the amazing Mark Levinson sound system, leather interior and a state of the art entertainment system. The entertainment set of features of this unique car include a hi-tech CD player, Bluetooth connectivity and screens for the back seat passengers. These remarkable features make this vehicle very special.

This car is specially designed to minimize noise intrusion inside the cabin and reduce drag providing a refined and smooth drive. It uses a low-beam light-emitting diode (LED) headlamp technology. This unique LED headlamp technology provides optimum vision at night, increased bulb life with reduced power usage.

The RX 450h comes with a choice of eight unique colours, which include Quartz, Blue Pearl, Sapphire, Metallic Silver, Graphite, Metallic Beige, Vermilion (Red) and Onyx (black). The new Lexus 2010 RX 450h front wheel drive models come with a price tag of $41,660 while all wheel drive models cost around $43,250. This car gives great value for money, which makes it a good purchasing option.