Buying A Used Citroen C2


The Citroen C2, is the fantastic little super-mini from Citroen and was manufactured from autumn 2003 until late 2009. Released to replace the Citroen Saxo, the used Citroen C2 is a popular choice of car for the younger driver, and was awarded “Best European Hatchback of 2003”.
This cool little used Citroen is cheap to buy and run, has great funky styling. It is easy to drive and fantastic to manoeuvre into small places making it a great car for the Cities and towns. All in all it is a neatly packaged, easy to drive, affordable small hatchback that is very well equipped.
The used Citroen C2 comes with a decent engine line up, starting with the 1.1 litre, 60bhp engine, which is great for the young, new drivers as insurance is low. Following on from this is the cool little 1.4 litre engine, which in reality is better than the 1.1, but it all depends on what you are looking for in your new used car. This engine also comes with the option to have the economical Stop/Start option, which will save you plenty of fuel in your used Citroen C2, finally in the petrol engines is the nippy little 1.6 16v which started out with 110bhp, but after reviews, it was then upped to 125bhp.
The only diesel engine available for the used Citroen C2 is the 1.4HDi with 70bhp and gives a healthy return of 66mpg. All the engines are popular on the used car market, and all give a good return and drive.
The used Citroen C2 has light and accurate steering, and a perfectly tight turning circle. The body roll is very well contained, it has a nice firm ride, giving it a nice sporty feel, and the gear changes are smooth for a little used car.
Room is limited, but this is a super mini! The rear seats do slide independently of each other, which does give more room. For the size of the car the boot space is adequate, with 193 litres, and is equal to other models of the same size on the used car market. The Citroen C2 comes with a great little split tailgate, which makes loading heavy item easier, and opening the boot in tight spots is great with this.
Over the years there have been many different trims for the Citroen C2, the L, LX, DESIGN, COOL, SX, STOP/START, FURIO, VTR, VTS, GT(limited edition in 2004), LOEB(limited edition in 2007), and the CODE(limited edition in 2007). After the facelift and revisions in 2008 the trims in the used Citroen C2 changed to VIBE, RHYTHM, CACHET, STOP/START, VTR, VTS and CODE.
All the models come with faux aluminium front vents, tinted windows, height adjustable steering wheel, power steering, split rear folding seats, a rev counter, a digital dash display, twin rear fog lights, a reversing light, and remote central locking as standard.
The used Citroen C2 has quite a neat designed interior, with funky, cool colours and trims, making it easy to find a used C2 to suit your taste! From the inside you will find that they have good visibility, and with the large digital display speedo you will find it easy not to break the speed limits!
This little used car is very popular on the market, so finding one will be easy, whether it is on the private used car market or from a Citroen dealer. Personally, buying from a Citroen dealer is better as they will come with some warranty!
Good luck with the search, and when you find the perfect one for you, enjoy your little used Citroen C2.

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