Citroen C4 Is Big And Sensible


Citroen C4 Is Big And Sensible

Citroen is trying to complete with Ford and Golf and beat them so Citroen really has taken all measures to make C4 the best. With three trim levels to choose from as well as three petrol engine options and three diesels, the most popular engine will most likely be the 1.6 diesel available at 89bhp and 109bhp as well as an eco version which delivers 109bhp. The Citroen needs to achieve a good performance as it looks to beat the Golf and it seems very well aware that it has to perform well. The design is quite stylish, comes with color changing dials and polyphonic alert sounds, but this sometimes comes across as a car that is too conventional. The front headlamps are very big and Citroen uses bi-xenon headlights and is definitely a great choice, in fact, one of the best around. ItEUR(TM)s over the shoulder visibility isnEUR(TM)t the best as the C4 pillars are slightly obstructive, but Citroen have done a good job of reducing the problem with rear quarter light windows.

The rear lights have a large style and this match well with the rest of the design. All of the parts seem to work together well. On the negative side, the wiper seems to be a bit too small and fail to do an adequate job of wiping the not so generous windscreen. The design of the latest C4 gives it a seeping dashboard and although the interior is not the same style or design as its rivals itEUR(TM)s just as great. Detail has been given to all the equipment and materials and everything seems to have a feel of quality about it. There is enough room in the car for the average person although very tall people might not be so comfortable. There are controls and accessories on the wheel but sometimes it seems to be too much and looks cluttered and unorganized. The boot is impressive with a large capacity and even more so with the seats folded.

The entry-level engine is the 1.4 litre producing 94bhp, but you can go for the 1.6 with 118bhp but the best bet out of them all would be the 1.6litre 110bhp. This has great power and a smooth drive as well as good economy and low fuel emissions when placed in comparison. Of all the Citroens, the Picasso comes with HDi diesel engines which are great options though they too have their faults. Overall Citroen seems to be doing a good job and getting better with every version so we hope that it will beat its rivals in time. The Citroen C4 depreciates savagely, so make sure to get a discount when you buy from a dealer. The running costs are low and the e-HDI engine for Citroen C4 is a shining star. It returns combined fuel economy of 74mpg. The micro hybrid Citroen C4 engine features stop and start technology to save fuel in stationary traffic. It also saves fuel by using Citroen EGS automatic gearbox, which changes gears via steering wheel-mounted paddles.