Kia Rio Car Owners Review


The Kia Rio is a small entry level car. The
parent of this South Korean car manufacturer is Hyundai Motor
Company. Kia branded cars compete in the price conscious
entry-level segment whereas Hyundai branded cars are targeted at
more brand and quality conscious customers. Kia typically offer
cars at competitive prices whilst having many features as standard
(e.g. satellite radio). The Rio is available as a sedan or


I have owned a Rio hatchback since 2006. Here
is my review:


Reliability and Quality


The Rio is very reliable. My car has
experienced no technical problems and I have full confidence in
its the reliability. The quality of interior fittings
however is slightly sub-standard; there are a few rattles evident
when the car is driven although besides this the quality is


Ownership Costs


Excellent! The Rio is very frugal on fuel
consumption and normal wear and tear such as tires
and windscreen wipers is far less than I’d expect. Servicing
costs are also low.




The Rio has a small engine which is not
terribly responsive. The engine however is powerful enough for city
driving. I recently drove a Toyota Yaris and the Rio feels more
powerful and responsive than the Yaris.


The Rio is no sports car however the handling
is sufficient for a small budget car.




This car is suitable for four adults for short
trips. On longer trips, adults in the rear seat may begin to feel
uncomfortable. Its ambitious attempting to seat three adults on the
back seat as it’s not very wide.


Would I recommend buying a Rio?


No. For the pure reason that resale values are
low I’d choose a competing car such as a Toyota Yaris. I find
the Yaris extremely boring however the Toyota retains its
value very well far better than the Rio.