Aston Martin

What to Expect of the Aston Martin DBS Volante


So you are looking for a new car and think that Aston Martin might have something to offer you. You would be right.

The DBS Volante is the latest offering from Aston Martin and it does have a lot to offer. The stunning design that Aston Martin is well established for is present and the attention to detail only adds to the over all emphasis of the car.

If you are looking for an Aston that gives you more than you were expecting then this could be the car for you.

Equipped with a Bang and Olufsen stereo you can rest assured that the sound of the stereo is as stable as the car itself.

The interior is a wash with soft claret leather that has been stitched so well that it would probably be water tight. Comfortable seats making driving relaxing and somewhat a pleasure so much so that every journey that you would take would be like a small holiday.

This car presents the chance to help you feel like a film star, maybe even James Bond. And with any Aston Martin that you own you get a lifestyle that goes with it and not just the car of your dreams.
An Engine that is comprises of a 6-litre V12 can only draw further attention to you as you leave creating a sound like nothing that you have ever heard before.

One downside to the Aston experience is the ongoing fuel cost. With the rising fuel prices and the engines need to drink it like it’s going out of fashion will require ongoing funding, but that’s a small price to pay when you have a machine that is a desirable as this one.

It’s a tough call between this car (and the extra £50,000 price tag) and the DB9 Volante, but if your James Bond who cares?

If you want a car that stands out this is it. This is the car that people will be talking about and the only problem is that you might find that bankers are snapping them up in order to increase their popularity, but even this car will not be able to drag them back from the brink of being a social outcast.