Bentley Cars and a New Era – A Brief Guide


The Bentley Motor Company’s pedigree stems from its humble beginnings as far back as 1919 at the company’s inception, when the first Bentley cars bore the name of their maker Walter Bentley (or W.O. Bentley, as he is also referred to). Walter Bentley started out designing and manufacturing engines for the famous Sopwith camel aeroplane.

He used this valuable knowledge and design technology to manufacture his first motor cars in 1921, but it was three years later when Bentley Motor Cars was put on the automotive world map, as the Works Bentley car was entered in the ‘Le Mans 24 Hours’ and won the race. This was the first of many victories at the Le Mans race circuit in France where Bentley cars went on to win no less than four times consecutively in 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. This gave Bentley world recognition and legendary status.

Today, Bentley Motors are still a supreme luxury car marque and represent high quality in modern motoring. The Crewe based UK company is enjoying healthy sales in emerging economies like Asia and the Far East, with countries like India and China creating a growing demand for the highly regarded luxury Bentley brand.

There is no sign of let up from the Bentley Motor Company, as 2012 so far has seen the world launch of the new ‘Bentley Continental GT V8’ at the Detroit Motor Show. This all-new Bentley has been met with much praise from the motoring world and the car buying public, as the company is enjoying advance orders for this supreme ‘grand tourer’.

The new Continental GT features an all-new V8, with a hefty 500bhp twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood, and can easily accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.6sec, reputed to return a 40 per cent increased fuel economy against the current 6.0-litre W12 engine. The new Continental GT is currently doing the world circuit of motor shows with its respective launches in each country.

Another Bentley making news for the company is the flagship luxury model, the Bentley ‘Mulsanne’. The Mulsanne has recently been awarded the ‘Best of the Best’ luxury sedans accolade by the Robb Report at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Robb Report is a highly regarded world luxury resource, and a discerning panel of expert judges selected the Bentley Mulsanne for this prestigious accolade, ahead of its many luxury peers.