New Renault – The Koleos is a New & Interesting Addition


Renault is well known for manufacturing different and interesting vehicles. The recent addition of their first cross over model, the New Renault Koleos continues that tradition. The Koleos is the first attempt at a SUV for the Renault company and even though it’s taken a little extra time, the waiting has been worth while. The Koleos is a quality vehicle that has a lot to offer. It’s well made, affordably priced and is one of the best new SUVs on the market today.

The New Renault Koleos offers drivers a taste of sophistication and class packaged in an SUV shell. Driving the Koleos is really a pleasurable experience. The four wheel drive and hill descent system that has been installed into the Koleos has done a fantastic job at finding and maintaining grip while traveling along a bumpy roads and winding curves in any weather conditions. The vehicle handles well at any speed in any condition.

If you’re looking for a nice family vehicle the New Renault Koleos offers a lot in that area as well. It’s easily accessible, has a drop down tail and a life up rear door and has easily fold down seats to make plenty of room to carry groceries or sporting equipment. It seats 4 comfortably and has plenty of shoulder and leg room for passengers. The interior of the car is fluid and nicely done. The height adjustable cloth covered seats are chunky and firm but also contoured to add to driving your comfort. The Koleos Privilege comes with heated leather seats.

This new version of Renault is a bit off the beaten track for this car manufacturer. In the New Renault Koleos, they have successfully combined their world class craftsmanship with the newer technology that has brought us a spectacular 4 wheel drive cross over SUV. The Koleos is fuel efficient, something unheard of for most SUVs and it is easy to drive, offers a driver excellent visibility, great precision handling and is truly a pleasurable drive for both any owner of the vehicle. The Renault Koleos is a crossover that will be a valuable member of the Renault family for years to come.