Used Toyota – Young Driver Advice!


It is vitally important to listen to all available advice when you are choosing your first car. Young and relatively inexperienced drivers can so easily make mistakes and end up driving a car that either falls to bits within months, or is simply too powerful for them, putting themselves and other road users at risk. I am fully aware that if you are looking for your first car you probably won’t be interested in looking for small and safe cars, but trust me, it is in your best interests to think relatively small until you have the experience to graduate from a small hatchback.

My personal favorite hatchback that would be an ideal first car would be the Toyota Aygo. The Aygo shares a manufacturing platform with the new Citroen C1 and the new Peugeot 107, but it is the added Toyota touches that elevate the Aygo above its brethren.
What makes the Aygo ideal for inexperienced drivers is primarily the handling and the economy of the vehicle. The slightly elevated driving position means that the driver gets a better view of the road ahead and the steering is light, yet responsive enough to keep you feeling confident and in control of your vehicle.
The best feature is the cost though, especially if you consider buying yourself a Used Toyota Aygo. You will also notice that the car will be pretty good to you at the fuel pumps as well, producing good miles per gallon ratios and leaving your wallet a bit fuller. You will be able to afford that furry dice for your mirror after all.