Bentley Continental GT 2014


Bentley Continental GT 2014

When there are a number of choices in front of us, selection becomes difficult. Almost every brand has coupes and thus it is difficult to decide the best one. In this article, we have selected Bentley Continental GT 2014. Let us see the features and highlights of this car:

Continental GT 2014 provides you a huge list of standard features and the main standard features of the car includes eight-speaker audio system, power-folding mirrors, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated 14-way power driver seat, power-folding mirrors, wood veneer trim, adaptive air suspension, and much more. In addition to this, you can select from the two engines. Opt for either the four-cylinder engine or the V8 engine. Besides this, options are also given for upgrading the car. These options are grouped into packages while some standalone options are also there. For additional comfort in the car, the comfort package provides unique interior trimmings, a rearview camera, front center armrests, carbon-fiber interior trim, and much more. Not only is this, but many other packages are also available.
In addition to this, the car provides a trunk space of 13 cubic feet and the interior is designed with classy theme. Good quality of material is used and every compartment is given special attention. There is enough space to put the belongings in the car. Great safety and protective features are also present. All the features are simple and easy to use. Once you go through the car manual, you will easily get the functions of all features. Besides this, the seats provide good comfort and the head and legroom is great. The safety features of the car include driver knee airbags, traction control, side airbags, rollover protection system, and much more. In short, buying a Continental GT 2014 by Bentley seems to be a good decision. There are very few critics for this car and it got great ratings in the crash tests as well.

You can also have a look at other luxurious cars like used Mercedes c class, used Lexus GS 350, used BMW m3, and many other models. Used version of all Bentley cars is available online. You can get them either on cash payment or through financing. Besides this, you can also trade in your old car with this model and pay the differential amount.

Do good research and try to contact with a reliable dealer to book this car. Have a test drive and buy your favorite Bentley model!