Ferrari F430 Scuderia


If the F430 marked a step forward for Ferrari, the 430 Scuderia version is but a further refinement of that. They are amazing cars: race-bred, carpet free with exposed weld seams, but also equipped with a lightning-fast F1 gearbox and handling that is almost beyond belief.

They are incredible cars to drive, with the rawness that connoisseurs look for in a Ferrari. Enthusiasts know of and idolise it in equal measure, meaning that if you want the ultimate F430, this is the one.

Indeed, it’s a long-term thing, but I’d say buy a Scuderia‚Ķ and put it safely away. It’s a guaranteed future classic. Only if you can afford to, of course.

Saying that, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia 16M is a step too far for many of the buyers I see. A Spider convertible version of the Scuderia coupe, it was even more restricted in numbers. Limited to 499 cars worldwide, and with only 39 right-hand drive cars for the UK, the 16M is set to become a future classic.

It’s even more expensive than the coupe, though, and chops back a little on the rawness that makes the standard car so appealing. It’s exclusive, sure, but I’d advise caution. The coupe is the real deal. I always remind buyers that these cars really need exercise.

They demand to be driven. A number of owners do track days, and actually have an extra set of wheels and tyres with track days in mind. There are number companies that arrange track days, not least the manufacturer itself. If you are principally an urban driver, there is no better way to engage with the potential of a Ferrari than on a track. For me, that’s why the Ferrari Scuderia is the way it is – that bit rarer, more stripped out and special. It thus needs to be treated and respected as such. We at Clive Sutton offer a wide range of new and used Ferrari cars for sale. We deal across the UK and can look after your Ferrari car buying or selling requirements wherever you are located.