Get Fresh With a Honda Jazz


The new Honda Jazz is a fresh fusion of all that we have come to expect from Honda. From innovative engineering to outstanding design, the second generation Jazz is bound to delight with its individual style and rather pleasing nose.

The dimensions have been adjusted slightly, and whilst there’s a minimal increase to exterior size, the interior now offers more space than ever before. How this has happened I cannot say, because the laws of physics should surely mean that the titchy little Jazz has the entire interior space of a particularly roomy ‘phone box. Instead it’s an opulent expanse in which you and your passengers can stretch out at leisure. I suspect that there might be some interdimensional trickery going on and that the boot in fact harbors a wormhole, but as long as it continues to mean plenty of elbow room then there’s no reason to complain.

If you need a huge family car that can fit in all 5 kids and the dogs, then I’m afraid that the Jazz isn’t for you. Certainly it would have a jolly good try, but it’s just not fair to expect this car to be able to perform like an estate. What you will be getting, however, is a supermini that will put an end to your parking conundrums and make journeys more pleasurable. And as superminis go, you really are spoilt for space!
It’s safe to say that the Honda Jazz thoroughly banishes the stereotypical ‘uncool’ image that Honda seems to have acquired. It’s a charmingly modern car for the modern world. The range of engine options available means that as well as being practical your pretty new Jazz will be soundly economical no matter where your travels may take you. If you’re looking for a compact car that combines style with sensibility, the Honda Jazz could well be the one for you.