Holden Monaros – Get a Piece of Australian History Today


The Holden Monaro was billed as Australia’s first fully home-grown sports coupe and was launched in 1968. The Holden Monaro had universal appeal and the shape was a result of a brand new Holden design which was purely based on the muscle cars of the United States of America.

The pillarless two-door design was a new model concept for Australia and came with a choice of 3 different styles. Holden catered for the people who aspired to own a sporty coupe, be it the standard, GTS and GTS 327 with a choice of 6 engines. Each model had a wide body, flared wheel arches and a sweeping roofiine.

The standard Monaro was powered by a 3.05 litre six cylinder engine coupled with a column shift 3 speed manual. Choices in motors ranged from a higher spec 186S and the imported 5.0 litre 307 V8. The GTS 327 Monaro dominated the race tracks and became an instant hit with the Australian public.

HK Monaro Facts

Base Monaro Coupe, GTS Coupe and GTS 327 Coupe. When these cars were introduced to Australia, the price tags respectively were $2,575, $3,090 and $3,790. How times have changed! In today’s market most enthusiasts cannot put a price tag on these cars. The demand for these babies clear outweighs the supply.

Transmissions – Column-shift 3 speed manual, console mounted four speed manual, 2 speed Powerglide automatic

Power Output

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Back in the days, the Holden Monaro delivered the biggest choice of options with the biggest grunt of any muscle cars. The Monaro was extremely popular throughout its model life which spanned over 11 years with 7 model ranges.

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