Hyundai Coupe Information


In the automotive world, European models are not only those that are able to make a name in the industry in fact, there are also Asian Company that manages to stay despite the stiff competition there is among vehicle manufacturers. Hyundai is an example, which is one of the largest Asian car importers in the US evidently because of the great number of Hyundai cars driving along the major roads of the states.

The company was able to produce worthy vehicles like the current Hyundai Coupe that went on sale on the January 28 at the year 2002. Its creation wasn’t easy at all. Hyundai engineers had labored most of their time finding ways how to make this vehicle superbly different among the rest. Truth is, it took 26 months to build up at a cost of $230 million US dollars. It was created in Korea at Hyundai’s ultra-modern Ulsan plant. Since it’s a coupe, anyone can expect its good quality most especially since Hyundai has a long history in the production of coupe vehicles. Indeed, Hyundai is currently the World’s largest vehicle maker which had started from a humble beginning.

The curve as well as the contour of the rear hip of this new Hyundai Coupe is an echo of the previous Coupes. Nevertheless the grille and headlight clusters are new together with its rear end, which now possess a much sportier appeal than the previous models. In fact, its exterior design is what set this vehicle apart from the rest. It possesses an elegantly created headlight that achieves a sporty stance because of its all new headlamp covers that have modish back surrounds as it blend wonderfully with hood lines. Its fog light is as well finely crafted which are integrated below bumper level that offers extra illumination in poor weather conditions and so safe ride is always assured. Moreover, the electrically powered sun roof provides the owner with an option of fresh air at the touch of a button. It was crafted using highly advanced tilt and slide mechanisms as well as a deflector that prevents the occupants from being rocked.

When you enter inside, you will see that there have been a few changes to the centre console, bringing it up to date which is proven by the addition of an iPod connection in the front centre armrest that plays the standard radio/CD player and SmartNav. In addition, driving in a hot weather condition won’t be a problem with the Hyundai Coupe’s advanced automatic air conditioning system. So no matter how hot it is outside, the ambient atmosphere within will never ceases to continue because of its selected setting. Moreover, the look of its interior sum up its performance potential, in fact the moment when you enter the model, you will right ahead know that the vehicle is potential enough in bringing excellent performance, handling, road-holding and braking ability. Its body-contoured seats is well crafted with an option of colorful trims which include cloth, cloth and leather or all leather that all resulted to a rare combination of style, spottiness and sensuality.

Safety is as well given because of the twin front air bags which are latest de-powered type. It is specially designed using a technology that purposely lessens the risk of accidental deployment during a low-speed collision. And unlike any other models, slippery surfaces are a concern no more for the reason of its optional electronic stability programme (ESP) which is potentially able simultaneously reduce power and applies brakes to individual wheels. All these safety features will allow Hyundai Coupe owners to enjoy their driving, in safety.