Introducing the New Bentleys



Glamorous, and desirable, the Bentley Azure represents the pinnacle achievement of a revered line of convertibles that stretches back to the very earliest days of the Bentley legend. The twin-turbocharged engine of the Azure is based on the famous 6.75 litre V8 engine that provides the Arnage with such enormous reserves of power. The traditional techniques of craftsmanship employed in the building of the azure are special in many ways. Individuality of finish and flexibility of design are paramount among them.


The Bentley Continental, inspired by the grace and power of Bentley’s thoroughbred bloodline, combines phenomenal power, incomparable refinement and class-leading performance. The power of the 12-cylinder, 6-litre, twin-turbocharged engine is staggering; The drive, utterly thrilling. Handcrafted in inimitable crewe style, the interior blends the finest traditional materials with a contemporary Bentley design.


The Bentley Brooklands, inspired by the exploits of the “Bentley Boys” at the famous Brooklands Racetrack in the 1920’s, captures all the style, power and splendor of that era. The Brooklands is a grand touring coupĀ© with classic British proportions and a strictly limited lifetime production of 550 cars. With the first year’s production already sold out, it’s clear that the Bentley Brooklands is destined to become a collectors’ classic.

Anyone who has experienced the effortless acceleration that arrives regardless of engine speed or gear selection will know just how astonishing the effect can be. With those objectives in mind, the Mulsanne’s engineers considered a variety of engine configurations before settling on a radically re-engineered version of Bentley’s acclaimed 6-litre V8.

Every major component from the forged crankshaft to the pistons are now designed for even better engine response.

To achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions plus improved refinement and torque, the Mulsanne’s V8 sees the introduction of two new control systems: Cam Phasing and, a first for the flagship motoring sector, Variable Displacement. Variable Displacement imperceptibly powers down four cylinders when cruising with a light load. The moment you press your foot down, however, it seamlessly brings all eight cylinders back into play.

The Mulsanne develops 512PS (505bhp / 377kW) while the massive torque (1020Nm / 752lb ft) is now delivered even earlier at 1750 rev/min. This dramatic ability to produce maximum torque from just above idle and then right through the rev range ensures that with a mere tap of the accelerator you are immediately rewarded with that characteristic deep, muffled V8 burble and relentless acceleration.

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