Keeping Your Bentley Sparkling Clean


Your Bentley really deserves better treatment than it gets when it’s parked outdoors. When it is left out on the street, or in the driveway, it is exposed the dangers of the harsh elements of nature. These can diverse effects on your precious vehicle, and leave you with huge expenses in repairs and cleaning. No car can escape from nature, no matter how good, or princely it is.

There are two options; park in a garage, or buy a car cover. Practically speaking though, a garage is not always possible. You may not have the space to build a garage, let alone the money for such an expense. In addition, even when stored indoors, your Bentley can still get dirty and dusty, and therefore, a garage is not fool-proof.

Buying a car cover seems the ideal. What is so good about a cover is that you can take it with you, hence your Bentley will always remain protected, garage or no garage. Car covers are neat and compact when not in use and can be folded away in a corner of the trunk. They are easy to use, and simple to put on and off due to elastic sewn in at the front and back, giving you more flexibility and movement.

But the best part of a car cover is the type of protection that is offered. There are many different types on the market, for various different climate and weather conditions. For your Bentley, you will probably want an all-weather cover, so that no matter what the forecast is, you will be safe and secure. An all-weather cover will be able to shield your car from every conceivable weather condition, and keep it in pristine shape, come what may.

When your Bentley is covered, you will not have to worry that the acid in the rain is eating at its shiny, gleaming finish. You will not have to worry about water-marks being left over the exterior, nor if the body-work is getting rusty. In the snow, you will be safe as your car and its brakes will not freeze over. Your brakes will be able to remain working properly, and not G-d forbid cause any accidents.

As a wind-storm brew, anything lying in the street often gets whipped up together with it. These bits of rubble are made to fly through the air and whilst doing so, end up scratching and denting cars along the way. Well, your Bentley certainly does not need that, and with a car cover, it won’t! The cover will shield the car from getting knocked about and will be able to absorb the shock, without an impression being made on the car.

Come summer, the ultra-violet rays from the sun will be prevented from bleaching the paint-work and finish, retaining your Bentley’s stately colour. The internal working will not get ruined from the heat, nor will the car be too stuffy and claustrophobic to drive in. All because your Bentley is protected by a car cover.

The all-weather car covers are not even expensive to buy, and due to the protection it provides, it will even save you money in the long run. You will no longer need to constantly clean, polish and re-wax your precious Bentley, as it will always remain clean, and shiny.