Lamborghini’s Mesmerising Aventador LP700-4


The brand new Lamborghini is everyone’s dream. Just by simply looking at the vehicle itself you will be left astonished. Known for its speed, the super car is definitely one of the fastest and loudest mind-blowing vehicles in the market today, simply the king of speed. From the bear moment your journey starts in the vehicle, hearing the V-12 engine ‘roar’, it is surely bound to make every second sound special and leave you speechless at the end of the journey.

This sports car is one the newer models that adds to the great line up of superb vehicles Lamborghini have to offer.

Cheetah like Speed

With the speed of a cheetah itself, the vehicle can race past at an amazing speed range of 200 mph. Not only this but the unique model will leave drivers gasping for air, as they are going from 0 to 63 mph, in an astonishing 3.6 second. Its top speed is 217 mph in gear 7, which is simply incredible in itself. This is surely a roller coaster style based experience. The jet like model will certainly capture everyone’s attention.

Vehicle Control

Everything the super car offers in terms of vehicle control is crystal sharp. This includes, the vehicles handling, steering and braking system. With a dynamic set of brakes, it will allow you to stop immediately, even while driving in the fastest conditions, the immense grip on the tyres is nothing but solid. Surprisingly, the beast of a car gives passengers a smooth gentle driving experience whilst on the road, even whilst driving at gravity defying speeds.

Eye catching Design and Features

Lamborghini only uses the best technology available to produce its finest vehicles. This is exactly the case with the new Lamborghini. The model shows this through its unique but classic stylish self opening doors, from the moment you enter the vehicle, as well as leaving the vehicle. What is even more amazing is the vehicle instantly powers on, with the click of a button.

The fun does not stop there. The unique Lamborghini model has a heart pounding engine that awaits its passengers, roaring just like a lion. One of the top key elements of the super car is the 6.5 litre V-12 engine it possesses, which helps add to the dramatic driving experience. This has enough power to impress anyone. The V-12 engine that produces 700 horsepower, initially keeps cooling air coming in, whilst on those fantastic car journeys.

The latest addition Lamborghini is simply described as a ‘one in a million vehicle’, which will always leave you feeling at full speed ahead.