The Exquisite Bentley GT


The Bentley Continental GT will simply amaze you with its combination of exhilarating power, crisp performance, beautiful style, contemporary design, responsive handling, and pleasurable comfort. The Bentley Continental GT is now for sale with personalized colour combinations.

The Bentley GT [] GT’s 6-litre engine is designed in four banks of three cylinders producing a W formation of its 12 cylinders.

Its twin turbochargers create an astonishing power output of 552HP potentially producing a top speed of 198mph and a 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds.

With its high efficiency catalyst and exhaust system, there are much lower emissions. The GT’s wider central air intake gives a much improved airflow which aids engine cooling.

The Continental GT produces a maximum torque of 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) at 1600rpm giving the driver a powerful and highly responsive result the instant the accelerator is pressed. The twin low inertia turbochargers are the primary factor in producing the GT’s impressive power and acceleration.

The interior of the Bentley GT Continental is exquisitely crafted with as much as 14 beautiful leather hides. These hides are all hand picked and cut at the same time to prevent any variation in texture. A hide will be rejected even if it is observed to have an insect bite, which is the reason they are selected from the famous and high quality herds of Northern Europe.

It takes over five hours to create one leather steering wheel cover. Each one is double stitched by hand using one unbroken piece of thread.

It takes two weeks to prepare the wood for the interior, each veneer is given five coats of lacquer and three days of curing time before being wax polished by hand. The Bentley GT uses no bleaching; the luxurious colour of the wood is completely natural.

The Bentley Continental GT’s cornering, braking, and traction features work together to provide precise driving control under difficult or extreme conditions.

Each wheel has self adjusting air springs and electronic dampers which operate independently of one another. Its all-wheel drive promotes a very high degree of traction. The GT has the largest front brakes of any passenger car in the world, providing a safe and quick stop as you press the pedal.

For increased stability, Bentley’s Continental GT is fitted with a hidden retractable aerofoil that deploys automatically at certain speeds.

The DVD Satellite Navigation system will direct you across the entire continent without having to change the disc.

With its Blue tooth rSAP telephone system, you are automatically connected to your network even if your phone is in your briefcase or your pocket.

Its multi-zone climate control, advanced key-less entry and ignition technology, electronically adjustable front seats with heating and memory, along with the multi-function steering wheel give an outstanding level of comfort and control to the driver and passengers.

The sound system is second to none. The front and rear half of the cabin have tweeters, mid range and bass mid range speakers with an equal number on each side which provides a perfect balance of sound.

All in all there are very few cars with such an impressive quality, so if you find a Bentley GT for sale, buy it!