The Ferrari F12Berlinetta With 750 HP and COR Wheels


Other than the LaFerrari, the Ferrari F12Berlinetta is the hottest and most exciting model to come from the factory line in Maranello, Italy. The new grand touring model from Ferrari is packed with power and performance and builds upon the success of the Ferrari 599 model that preceded it. The F12Berlinetta, up until the LaFerrari was introduced, was the fastest and most powerful model that Ferrari had ever made. Although It may now be overshadowed by the LaFerrari, the F12Berlinetta is still a performance dream car. One aftermarket car tuning company in Germany wanted to take the super car to the next level in terms of performance and looks so they developed a full upgrade program for the F12Berlinetta. The new program includes engine upgrades, chassis modifications, COR Wheels, and exterior aerodynamics that give the super car even more performance.

The first part of the Ferrari F12Berlinetta that the engineering team at the German car tuning company addressed was the 6.2 liter V-12 engine. The naturally aspirated engine is the most powerful non-hybrid drivetrain in the Ferrari lineup and is capable of shooting the grand tourer to incredible speeds very quickly. The car tuning company installed a new titanium exhaust system that is lighter and offers better backpressure characteristics than the factory exhaust system. A new set of valves are also used and can be controlled by the driver in the cockpit to alter the volume of the engine. After the exhaust was installed a new ECU tune was installed to result in a total of 753 horsepower is sent to each of the rear COR Wheels. This power enables the super car to accelerate to a top speed of 350 km/h.

The team then shifted their focus on the chassis of the Ferrari F12Berlinetta to make it handle better in the corners on the track. The factory suspension was modified with new sport springs that lower the ride height by an extra 15 mm and sharpen up the handling dynamics. The factory rim and tire setup was then removed and replaced with a set of lightweight forged COR Wheels in a 9.5 x 21 front and 11.5 x 21 rear setup with high performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires for even greater amounts of grip in the corners.

The last step in the conversion was to create an aerodynamically efficient body for the Ferrari F12Berlinetta. The front bumper was outfitted with a new lip spoiler made from carbon fiber to generate downforce at the front axle. Each side of the car was then given new skirts that redirect air away from the rear COR Wheels to reduce drag. The rear of the super car was then given a new trunk spoiler and diffuser combo that generates more downforce at the rear axle.