The History of the Holden Torana and Holden Toranas For Sale


Back in the 1960’s, Holden realised that there was a market for the smaller cars. In 1967, Holden released the HB Torana. The word Torana comes from the aboriginal name that means to fly. A year later, Holden released the LC Torana. This updated model was similar to the HB except for the longer wheelbase and the new upgraded body.

In 1968 the Holden Torana introduced the six cylinder engine and also released the sports models GTR and GTR X-U1. In 1972 Holden released the LJ Torana which included a new grill, new split rear lights and continued making the sports models as they were really popular.

The LH model was released in 1974. Holden also introduced the V8 engine which led to the production of the SL/R 5000. The next Torana was the LX which had square front headlights and Radial tuned suspension. The LX model continued producing the SL/R 5000 and also introduced the SS hatchback. The racing version of the LX was called the A9X which was very successful on the track.

In 1978 Holden released the UC Torana. By far it had the best suspension and gears of any other Torana model. The UC model made an error in dumping the V8 engine, so the UC model was not nearly as popular as their past models.

Back in 1979 Holden was producing the Kingswood wagon, the Commodore Sedan, the UC Torana and the Gemini. Sadly Holden dumped the UC Torana from their production.

The Holden Torana has been one of the most versatile of the Generals fleet with 7 models ( HB, LC, LJ, TA, LH, LX and UC.) The Torana came in many styles such as the S, SL, GTR, XU1, SLR, SLR5000, L34 and the A9X. The engines varied from 4,6 cylinders right up to the V8 and varied from home made and imported parts, gear boxes and many different body styles.

The Holden Torana has made an impact in all areas of motor sport, starting from circuit racing, rallies, motorcross and drag racing.