Land Rover

The New Range Rover RS600 in Black With Concave Truck Wheels


The Range Rover Sport is one of the few luxury SUVs that can provide a comfortable road on the street and handle itself off-road through almost any kind of terrain. These unique capabilities made it the ideal choice for one British aftermarket design and tuning team who created a special and exciting SUV. The Range Rover underwent a big transformation from the engine to the exterior and everything in between. The British company outfitted the off-road luxury SUV with a variety of engine performance upgrades, a new body kit with slick black paint, a new set of concave truck wheels, and an even more luxurious interior.

The British aftermarket design and tuning team started things off with the exterior of the SUV. The Range Rover was outfitted with a stylish and aggressive body kit with a number of lighting accessories. The front wears a new bumper with 3-D mesh grille and larger air intakes. A large company badge is embossed into the front of the engine hood while special LED daytime running lights flank each of the dark headlights. Each fender wears a company logo and has been extended to accommodate the bigger concave truck wheels. Side skirts with undercar LED lighting connect the axles and visually lower the SUV. The rear of the Range Rover wears a new bumper, a large roof spoiler for downforce, a new tailgate logo, and LED brake lights. The entire exterior of the car was then covered in a deep metallic black paint while a special matte black stripe was added atop the hood and roof to provide some contrast.

The British team then focused on the chassis to add some style and performance. The factory brake calipers were all painted red to stand out from the new black paint. They were then covered with new concave truck wheels in a wide 10.0 x 22 front and rear fitment with off-road tires that offer good road noise to maintain comfort. The rims each wear a matte black finish to match the stripe that runs from the hood to the roof.

Beneath the hood of the Range Rover Sport sits a tuned 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 engine. The team installed a modified supercharger and retuned the ECU so that it produces more power. The result was a total of 545 horsepower and 600 lb-ft. of torque being sent to each of the concave truck wheels for quicker acceleration and performance.

Inside, the British team gave the Range Rover Sport a rich and luxurious interior. Each seat was outfitted with soft leather and custom stitching, the dashboard was decorated with a new clock and trim pieces, and new mats and aluminum pedals were installed on the floor.