XF: New Teaser From The Jag


The Jag in the auto industry has partly pulled the curtain covering its new teaser – the XF. Teaser image of Jaguar XF was released by the automaker to just barely reveal the concept car it will be unveiling at the North American International Auto Show in January next year. The image suggests a “major new concept car” for enthusiasts to look forward to.

All-new XF is deemed the replacement of S-Type, a midsize luxury car which has been known for its versatility, ergonomics and refinement. So far, the minds of Jaguar enthusiasts are reeling. They ask whether the new car from Jaguar would create a bold new design to save the ailing automaker. Some of them think that XF would lead a new design direction and deviate from the usual Jaguar trend. Moreover, they anticipate that XF will tickle their car fancies and satisfy their driving needs.

Jaguar did not give details about its new addition in its lineup however; it confirmed the fact that it will be unveiling the car in autumn next year. According to Jaguar, “Further details and imagery will be sent nearer the time.” Also, customer deliveries are scheduled to start in spring 2008. However, the schedule is also subject to automaker’s consideration of the current market.

Jaguar managing director Bibiana Boerio said XF will “challenge people to think again about Jaguar as daring and different,” and that “if you like the new XK, just wait until you see the new Jaguar XF.”

Jaguar noted that all-new XF is the “next stage” of its design era. The automaker also noted that XF, equipped with new Jaguar S-Type parts, will be developed at Product Development Centre in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham in United Kingdom. According to critics, Jaguar intended to put the S-Type out and replace it with XF to pasture.

Jaguar S-Type, in which the XF was based, is an executive car that was introduced for the 2000 model year. It is the revival of the previous S-Type unleashed in 1964. The production of the S-Type will be discontinued next year in favor of the XF. Little is known about the new teaser from Jaguar. However, answers to some queries are found at Ford’s websites.